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Why cross media marketing is so good for ROI

Posted on 27 Sep 2012 in Cross Media Marketing | 0 comments

The business that understands how technology can enhance customer communication can gain a real competitive edge by exploiting the benefits of cross media marketing programmes:

  • By reducing your cost per lead. The more channels you use to broadcast your message and increase brand awareness, the more potential customers you’ll reach
  • By delivering more qualified leads. Cross media can generate leads that are more closely aligned to your products or services, and increase the likelihood of sales
  • By working with multiple channels, you’ll gain more fine-tuning and control of your branding messages
  • By strengthening existing customer relationships. A wider range of engagement gives more opportunities to improve customer loyalty
  • By giving qualified leads an easier way to talk to you. The quicker you can mutually interact, the shorter your lead time between initial interest and sale
  • By positioning your business as an industry leader. Cross media marketing is helping to grow markets. And by being right there at the cutting edge in yours, you’re ideally placed to take full advantage.

If you could use a variety of media to improve the effectiveness of your marketing and improve your ROI (return on investment), you would… wouldn’t you?
Here are some essential tips to kick-start your thinking on how to develop successful cross media marketing:

  • Make it relevant. Be sure to personalise and develop every aspect of your customer interaction for optimum engagement and persuasion
  • Measure what works. Better analysis of results boosts the quality of any and every marketing initiative. So find out what messages work best… and why.
  • Spread it around. Until you’ve tried and tested several different cross media channels, try not to favour any one medium over all the others. And use every available response mechanism to work out how your customers prefer to engage with you. Like email marketing, thank-you cards and customer surveys.

If you’d like to find out more, we’d be delighted to help you develop bespoke cross media marketing that fits your business, your ROI and your bottom line… perfectly.

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