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Website Design

Fancy a bit of website design?

Seriously, website design is a bit like a first date…

To begin with, you want to look great – to knock ‘em dead if you can. And of course that’s important. Taking pride in your appearance is no bad thing, and first impressions are powerful critters. But if the beauty of your website is only skin deep, your relationships with customers probably won’t last too long. There has to be more to discover – more to really like – to keep the attraction strong. Cue the corniest advice in the world: “You have to work at it”. And that’s exactly what we do, non-stop.

It’s no secret that we aim to blow your socks off with a drop dead gorgeous, bespoke website. But it’s after that when things really start to count. And the longer we stay together, the more you’ll see our hidden depths. You’ll get the full package – stunning looks, brains AND common sense.

That means:

    • A full content management system (CMS) – with patient, long-suffering training. So you can add whatever extra bits you want yourself… without having to wait weeks for a geek to finish ‘being busy’
    • Measurability. All the stats and analytics you could wish for to be sure the site is doing its job effectively. Beats guesswork hands down
    • Our websites are all amazingly ‘search-friendly’ and fully W3C compliant (jargon, but important – it means people can find you)
    • Ongoing, continuous support as you grow and your tastes, wants and needs change. This could easily include help with creating a blog (and providing original content). Or help with digital marketing…

Because however hot and sexy your site looks, without this sort of additional support it runs the risk of being about as much commercial use as an inflatable dartboard!

So… what are you doing tomorrow? Fancy building a relationship?

We’d love to find out more about you, your customers, your market, and your objectives. And we’ll do our best to answer any questions you have. Just give us a call on 01623 499955, email us, or fill in the form, and we’ll get the ball rolling…

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