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Personalised URLs

Create a targeted, relevant and personalised landing page, by using personalised URLs

Personalised URLs are mini-websites (sometimes called ‘landing pages’) that we create for each customer/prospect – with the URL (e.g. www.domain.com/firstname.surname) actually including that person’s name. And once we have given them their own uniquely personalised page, we can fill it with content that we know should interest them.

purlsWhen someone visits the page, the effect is similar to walking into a shop and finding the whole place laid out exclusively for them! Everything should be relevant, interesting, fun or useful to that individual.

purlsWe can use pURLs to build close member relationships, and make it incredibly easy for someone to respond to your offers or message. pURLs can also provide us with more data about themselves via forms or questionnaires that we can use to fine tune future communications and make them even more relevant.

purlsWe make pURLs ‘mobile friendly’, so they’re as easy to read, understand and respond to on mobile phones and tablets as they are on PCs or MACs.


purlsVia the pURL, we can record a user’s actions and track the effectiveness of your campaign in real time, generate detailed reports, extend additional offers, and immediately follow up on any interest expressed.

Using pURLS dramatically increases response rates to marketing campaigns, frequently quadrupling them for little additional cost. That’s how smart they really are.

What started life as a simple postcard ended up a high quality personalised campaign that really drove the event. We thank Prime Digital for spotting this opportunity and exceeding our expectations. The event created excellent sales downstream, we’ll be running lots more of these Prime Event Programmes, they made all the difference, thank you. – Tammy Butler, JCT 600


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