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Local Search Marketing


For a local business targeting the local community  ranking well in Google Search Results and Google Places  has become a critical challenge. Perhaps you own a restaurant, hotel, pub or a florist. If you have something to offer to your local community and you want your neighbours to be your customers, you need Local Search Marketing.

Having a presence on local search marketing sites is one thing. Having an optimised presence is another. Performing Local Search Marketing involves a combination of on-page and off-page efforts, such as;

    • Ensuring that each page on your website is making it abundantly clear to both your human visitors and search engines that you offer your goods/services in your local area.
    • Creation and Publication of original content including blogs posts, news, videos, photos, etc. Unique and compelling content published on your website gives creditability to your business, and improves ranking for keywords and phrases in the search engines.
    • Creating focused and relevant content on your website to attract the local audience.
    • Getting your business registered with the most important local directories / entities such as Google’s Places,  Yelp and many others.
    • Generating Social Mentions, as search engines incorporate social data on results pages, the comments and social shares your content ignites can be a real benefit to your local search marketing

When implementing your local search marketing strategy, we cover local searches across virtually any media, integrating SEO, Video, Images, PPC and Social basically spreading the word across all search channels and increasing your reach.


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