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How do our cross media services work in real life?

Personalised digital marketing lets you target customers accurately and individually. With information relevant to their age, gender, career, hobbies or income. So, at Prime Digital, we use cross media services to build unique campaigns that reach customers in ways that they want to be reached. With personal, relevant messages that they want to hear. It works like this…

  • we send a printed, e-mail or SMS communication to your customer with a personalised URL. This is a link to a web page, personalised to that customer (e.g. www.companyname.com/customer.name)
  • when your customer links to their website, you can ask them to complete a form or confirm their details. Then you collect the data and add it to a database. You can track them doing this in real time
  • next you can talk directly to them – via SMS, e-mail or phone – to ‘seal the deal’
  • we can also send you e-mail alerts letting you know what they need to make life even easier.


What will cross media services do for your business?

Personalised digital marketing will help you find new customers and keep existing ones. And sell them other products that you know will interest them. Using our mix of cross media services, you can talk to people directly about things that are relevant. Send them ‘triggers’ to influence their buying behaviour: encouragements and reminders. As well as rewards, like discounts and special offers on future purchases.

  • it’s easier to attract new customers because you’re asking them to respond in ways that they prefer
  • you can really get to know your customer and develop a personal relationship. So it’s much easier for you to generate and reward customer loyalty
  • you can do more business. Because you know much more about your customers and can talk to them much more directly, you can respond more quickly. With genuinely relevant new offers that let  you increase the value or frequency of transactions.


How will our cross media services work for your business?

Personalised digital marketing with our cross media services will dramatically increase the effectiveness of your marketing by:

  • improving client analysis. By better analysing your data, we help you get to know your prospects better. We can reveal ‘hidden value’ – information that’s not immediately obvious – in the data that can stimulate additional marketing ideas
  • improving market segmentation. By giving you a clearer breakdown of how the market is made up, we make it easier for you to target your best prospects
  • making messages relevant. We do this because when they are, people are more likely to respond. Why waste your time and try their patience by sending stuff that is useless to them?
  • maintaining a single database. We keep all your data in one place to make it easier and quicker to find. And to help you avoid costly and tiresome duplication of messages
  • choosing our moment. We make sure that we send the right message to the right person, at the right time, through the right channels. To increase its effectiveness and reduce your costs
  • promoting customer participation. We build Interactive websites that promote all our relevant marketing messages AND are fun and rewarding for people to visit. So they do
  • being environmentally friendly. When your marketing material is more relevant, you reduce ‘carpet bombing’, unwanted catalogues and other associated waste. The planet will thank you!
  • delivering leads. We send you the leads – in real time – that are relevant to the product you are offering.


How do we use cross media services to put it all together?

First off, we believe that the creative concept can make or break your campaign. So our top priority is to develop an eye-catching look and feel that complements your brand and gets your message across.

The second vital element we build in is convenience. The more media we can use to send your message, the more convenience we provide for your prospects and customers. In other words, we give them lots of different – personalised – ways to view, choose and buy. And let them respond in the way that best suits their lifestyle.

On the back of a great concept and loads of convenience, we then develop a marketing strategy to suit both your product and your customer. We work out exactly what to send to who… and when. And we handle all the printing, mailing and transmitting to guarantee quality and meet deadlines. Every time! Our cross media services won’t let anyone down. Promise.

And – as you know your customers better than we do – we talk things through with you at every stage.

Who? How? When? How much? I’d like to find out more…

We’d love to find out more about you, your customers, your market, and your objectives. And we’ll do our best to answer any questions you have. Just give us a call on 01623 499955, email us, or fill in the form, and we’ll get the ball rolling…