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Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is a sure-fire way to create strong client relationships and retain customer loyalty

We value email marketing campaigns as a fast and convenient marketing tool. However, simply delivering relevant and timely content is not always enough to communicate your marketing message.

Our expertise in personalisation and dynamic content means we can successfully create, manage and deliver your email marketing. Create limitless message variations to target different segments of your customer base. And give real impact by making relevant to the recipient.

A well designed Email Marketing Campaign will enable you to:

    • Increase your email deliverability rate
    • Increase your open and click-through rates
    • Boost your online revenue generation
    • Maximise your marketing ROI
    • Strengthen your brand identity

We offer a fully managed email marketing service where we plan, design, create, send and measure your email marketing campaigns, alternatively we offer a design and mark-up service for creating email templates.

Email marketing becomes especially powerful when you deliver a Personalised URL alongside a direct mail piece reinforcing your message. This drives customers to your website, and makes for a uniquely personalised web experience.

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