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Social Media Marketing is all about Content

Posted on 23 Mar 2012 in Personalised URLs | 0 comments

Social Media Marketing is all about Content

If you’ve heard people saying this and wanted to know a bit more about content, stick around. Today I’m taking a really straightforward look at:

  • The sort of content that counts.
  • How you go about finding content you can use.
  • How you keep it all under control… for nothing. 
  • Managing your sources and publishing.

Why content is King – and what sort of content rules

For social media marketing to work for your business, you need to get noticed. Both by search engines and potential customers. Because getting noticed is the first step towards getting new customers. So you need content.

You’re not trying to sell hard – in social media marketing, that’s an absolute no-no. You’re simply making the right people aware that you’re there. Making it easy for them to find you when they’re ready to buy. So you need content.

To get noticed, you need to be consistently, and purposefully, active. That means publishing on a regular basis – getting stuff out there. Essentially via Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, You Tube and your blog. So you need content.

But it has to be good stuff. Providing information that educates, advises or entertains your target audience. Because knowing that what you publish is always worth a look is what keeps them following you. And – for optimum point-scoring with search engines – your content should be original.

Don’t panic, though – ‘original’ just means ‘not directly copied’. So to create content you can:

  • re-write and personalise articles you like – adding your own value
  • refer people to items you like and find useful. For instance by re-blogging or re-tweeting them
  • provide a direct link and add your own thoughts to what someone else has said
  • Create your very own, absolutely original material. An article, a cartoon, a poem, a video or a radical new concept for illustrating things in a diagram.

Thought for the week! Even if the content you provide isn’t totally original, the way you link it to other things can be. For instance if you sell tap washers, why not link your followers to a plumber’s You Tube video on mending a leaky tap? That’s creative…

Keep your content original and relevant. And remember – if you bombard your followers with rubbish, they won’t stay followers for long!

Where do you look to find great content to publish?

To get ideas for relevant content you should look at sources related to the products or services you sell. That means:

  • your competitors’ blogs (easy to discover in Google Reader – see later)
  • consumer forums (to see what customers are complaining about and what they say they want)
  • influential ‘voices’ in your industry (discover what they see as the big issues in your business today)
  • your trade press and/or professional journals.

To discover what people are saying, subscribe to their blogs and You Tube channels. Follow them on Twitter. ‘Like’ their Facebook page. Register with important forums. And monitor all these sources regularly.

Don’t let a hot topic cool off before you’ve had a chance to use it for content!


The easy way to monitor your sources and sort out what and when to publish.

By now you might just be suffering from information overload. You’ve hundreds of sources to follow, an awful lot to read… and not enough hours in the day! Relax. You’re not the first person to panic at the prospect. And you won’t be surprised to learn that some top geeks have already cracked it for you.

There’s some fabulous free computer software out there that makes it all a breeze!

Google Reader. This superb tool in the Google ‘suite’ let’s you see every blog you subscribe to in one place. You can sort them into easily-manageable folders, view one-line summaries, search for blogs using key words and plenty more. Plus it has a button you can drag onto your browser bar that lets you subscribe to any blog you browse on the internet (then it instantly shows on Reader). If you have a (free) Google account already, Reader is sitting there, waiting for you to use. If not, get one!

Tweetdeck. This free, downloadable programme let’s you see ‘highlights’ of your Twitter account(s) and Facebook in one handy place. And you can send messages from within Tweetdeck. It’s mesemerising to watch everything updating ‘live’!

Bufferapp. You use this great, free ‘here’s one I prepared earlier’ service via a button on your browser’s bar. It lets you create tweets and schedule their publication over time. And, as soon as you create your free account, Bufferapp recommends the ideal times of day when your followers are most likely to be paying attention. Or you can tweet immediately. It’s all adjustable to suit your preferences.

Simply ‘google’ these free programmes and you’ll find them. If you’d like any guidance on how to use them – because there is a learning curve – just give me a shout. I’ll be happy to help where I can.


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