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My predictions for the Marketing Trends of 2011

Posted on 18 Apr 2011 in Cross Media Marketing | 0 comments

Mobile marketing explodes.
A number of things happened in 2010 that set the stage for an explosion of mobile marketing in 2011.  Apple’s iPhone, Google’s introduction of Android, and Apple’s launch of the iPad mean that smartphone adoption has escalated.  Mobile messaging SMS, mobile email, mobile websites and mobile applications will become viable channels for marketers.

Social media marketing will mature.
2010 was the year social media exploded onto the marketing scene.  In 2011, it will evolve from experimental campaigns to social tactics that are fully integrated into the overall marketing strategy.  The social media marketing process will become a never-ending cycle of research, planning, engagement and measurement.

Customer engagement.
Customers now engage directly with one another often before they engage with a company, which makes it all the more important to keep customers engaged with your company via different touch points like the website, social media, email marketing and direct mail. You should be using the right channel, message and experience to capture the attention of your target market.

The right channel makes sense.
Multi channel marketing (cross media marketing) will continue to increase as more channels are added to the marketer’s toolbox.  Measuring these touches are important but selecting the right ones in the first place will need more attention.  Another new buzzword; right touching, describes the process of selecting the right online and offline channels that best meets customers’ preferences.

Marketing Analytics are red hot.
If you think about it, this avalanche of data is also fueling the growth of analytics.  After all, the goal is not to collect data, but to develop insights.  The social conversations are giving marketers an unending stream of incoming data but marketers need advanced analytical capabilities to identify, analyze and describe patterns amidst all the digital garbage.

Personalized Marketing to Jump to the Next Level.
Expect more personalisation capability to be embedded in websites in 2011. For example, regular visitors to a website will see a page based on all the information collected from previous visits. We also expect that personalised marketing will be extended beyond the website to other marketing channels such as social media, mobile and email marketing.

SEO Will Become Even More Complex
With Google facing strong competition from Bing, Baidu and Yandex and social sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn the task of getting your business on the first page of search results has become much more complex. Also, with video, mobile search and geo-location search playing such a big role in 2010, the 2011 year is sure to be full of challenges and surprises for marketers.

- Jason Groom
Prime Digital

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