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10 steps to increase your membership sales

Posted on 31 Aug 2012 in Cross Media Marketing, Personalised URLs | 0 comments

  1. Set your goals…

    Define your marketing objectives and strategy.

  2. Who are you talking to?

    Gather data on your target audience. The opt-in rule applies; communicate with the prospects interests at heart.

  3. How do they communicate?

    Communicate your message using multiple channels, like Direct Mail, Email, Social Media Networks and SMS.

  4. Make it personal

    Personalise your message with the prospects name, business, benefits of membership and a link to a personalised landing page (pURL).

  5. Make it relevant

    Build a personalised landing page for the prospect.

    - Include their name in the URL www.yourdomain/john.smith.
    - Engage the prospect with a personalised, relevant message.
    - Entice the prospect to make an action with a relevant incentive.
    - Focus on value of your offer and incentive.
    - Keep the message, design and objective simple and clear.

  6. Lead nurturing

    Offer multi options to funnel the prospect into a lead. Contact ‘hot’ prospects right away. Communicate more with ‘warm’ prospects and guide ‘cold’ prospects to your ‘sales funnel’.

  7. Follow up

    Re target the non respondents in a different channel, with a different message at a different time.

  8. Listen
    Receive real-time analysis so you can make instant and informed follow up calls.
  9. Measure

    Analyse your responses, conversions and leads to gain a better insight into your prospects.

  10. Modify, Rinse and Repeat

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