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Cross Media Marketing

Cross Media Marketing campaigns are, on average, over 4 times that of responses to static, ‘same-to-all’ messages.

In plain English, powerful evidence that cross media marketing campaigns which are carefully targeted and personalised for individuals to receive – and delivered via the media they prefer – give us vastly better response rates than traditional mass-advertising methods. And proof of the golden business adage that when you make a friend, you’re halfway to making a sale.

 The problem with ‘traditional’ marketing in a digital world is that it misses so many prospects. We fast-forward TV ads. Don’t read newspapers. Listen to Spotify rather than radio. And bin mailers that aren’t relevant.

Why? Because we love our new media and respond readily to its personalised messages. Social Media, Email, Blogs, Mobile and the like have become a vital part of our lives. Then talk directly to customers. Individually. And send them ‘digitally tailored’ stuff that’s really likely to interest them.

It might sound complex, but it’s not. We simply use what you already know about your customers to talk to them individually via our cross media services. Through print, e-mail, mobile and web. With custom-tailored marketing campaigns that will help you sell more.

Think about it. Traditional direct mail campaigns generate only 1–2% response rates. With up to 44% of material reportedly getting filed under ‘B’ for ‘bin’. However – according to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) – a huge 74% of consumers are happy to receive direct marketing when the approach is relevant.

So… we make it relevant. It’s not rocket science! We personalise every piece of communication – whatever medium we use – to a particular individual. Making sure that your message to them remains consistent across all popular media. And we measure the results individually, too.


Working with the team at Prime over the last year has been a great experience, their attitude towards innovation is really infectious and we genuinely leave their offices excited at the potential outcome of our projects. They are full of energy about the new technology they so passionately believe in, but more importantly they are always pro-actively ‘on the case’ as far as understanding our business and how they can help us achieve our marketing objectives. – Karen Williams, Vets4Pets UK Marketing Director


Our top 10 essentials for great cross media marketing

These tips aren’t guesswork. They’re all the product of experience, and they can all make a significant difference both to your cross media campaigns, and to the future of your business. Many of them are just common sense but, as a friend of mine keeps on saying, sense simply isn’t as common as you’d think nowadays… CLICK HERE


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