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Cross media marketing rockets response rates. Official!

Posted on 28 Nov 2012 in Cross Media Marketing | 0 comments

Recent research by Caslon – leading digital print and marketing analysts – has found that response rates to relevant marketing campaigns are, on average, over 4 times that of responses to static, ‘same-to-all’ messages.

In plain English, powerful evidence that cross media marketing campaigns which are carefully targeted and personalised for individuals to receive – and delivered via the media they prefer – give us vastly better response rates than traditional mass-advertising methods. And proof of the golden business adage that when you make a friend, you’re halfway to making a sale.

  • Because people feel that you’ve taken the time and trouble to understand them and what interests them. You’re not just shouting at a sea of anonymous faces with a megaphone, you’re talking to them, one by one, and hearing what they have to say.
  • And the more you listen, the more relevant you can make your offer. Because you can fine tune it – and how you deliver it – depending on how they react. Once you’re able to find out whether their preferred channel of communication is email or SMS, for example, subsequent campaigns will become even more effective. There’s a real snowball effect.
  • So do your homework. Invite them to visit a bespoke web page that you’ve created to mirror their known lifestyle and preferences (a personal URL). Engage them directly, as individuals. Then you’ve built a fantastic platform from which to launch an offer. Because you’ve eliminated so many variables.

The ability to ‘get personal’ with your prospects is why cross media marketing scores so highly.


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