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Cross Media Marketing Process

Posted on 28 Nov 2012 in Cross Media Marketing | 0 comments


Define the Project

1. The Objectives

Define your marketing objectives, then work out strategies and tactics to achieve them. Think about how best to engage with your client, how much you want to personalise
things, the relevance of your message, and your offer to the client.

2. The Target Audeince
The quality of your database of prospects/customers is vital to a successful campaign. Has your data been cleaned? And, if relevant, have your prospects opted in?

3. The Marketing Channels
Identify the most appropriate way(s) of communicating with your audience. Email, print, SMS, social… or a combination. More channels = better responses.

4. The Brief
Once you give us a brief and launch date, we’ll supply a proposal, schematics and quotations.

5. Sign-off the Agreements

The Design Process

6. The Creative
Design creativity is critical for getting recipients’ attention. And it has to work strongly and coherently through all your chosen media channels. Our team is hugely experienced across the full spectrum of digital, print and brand design: applied creativity that consistently delivers great results.

7. The Message
Our copywriting expertise will powerfully deliver your message with the right tone of voice and brand positioning, and facilitate the ideal communications and content strategy.

8. The Call to Action
The ‘call to action’ is the first thing users notice when they visit a web page. We’ll help you focus your visitors on the exact action we want from them.

9. The Domain
We can help register your exclusive domain name: try to keep it short and simple!

10. Sign-off the Creative

Building the Campaign

11. The Nuts and Bolts
Once we’ve agreed and signed off the creative work, our developers begin programming variables, triggers, events and actions. Everything required to increase the engagement and novelty you want your visitors to experience.

12. The Triggers
Emails, PDFs and SMS are all very powerful ways of giving instant and relevant follow-up information to your visitors. We programme automatic send-outs, triggered by specific visitor activity.

13. The Dashboard
Personalised marketing is all about responding quickly to what your customers want. So we need to know what they’re up to. Which is why we track, measure and analyse every aspect of your personalised marketing campaign… in real time.

14. Test, Test & Test Again!
We rigorously test and re-test every single element of your campaign… to destruction!

15. Sign-off the Campaign

Launch and Measure

16. The Staff
Make all your staff aware of your campaign and precisely what you expect from them.

17. The Launch
The big day…

18. The Sales Team
As the campaign gathers momentum, we send your sales team the leads/sales in real time. This is triggered automatically according to visitor activity.

19. Track & Measure
Tracking and measuring the performance of your campaign is vital for working out ROI and whether objectives have been achieved. Through performance measurement you
continuously learn and – by understanding how your target audience interacts with the various touch-points and messages – you improve future campaigns.

20. Rinse and Repeat


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