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Boost your golf club’s membership…

Posted on 28 Nov 2012 in Cross Media Marketing | 0 comments

Reliable research (Caslon 2012) tells us that a well thought-out cross media (some people call it ‘multi-channel’) marketing campaign, promoting a relevant offer to people likely to be interested in it, will dramatically increase your response rate. By up to 4 times, compared to a traditional, ‘same message to everyone’, non-personalised mailer.

So if you’re currently just using magazine / newspaper ads, posters or leaflets to promote membership of your club, we can suggest a far more scientific, effective and proven answer to your requirement. A solution which – when you work it all out – will actually cost you considerably less. Here’s what you could do…

Your role…

The digital marketing experts helping you won’t know your own golfing market as well as you do. So you must help us identify the right people to target, then create the right ‘golfer friendly’ offer for them.

Finding the right potential members should be pretty straightforward – you just need to think clearly.

    • Use any existing database you’ve already built up, then add to it by buying an appropriately filtered list of prospects. The information is all out there if you know what to look for, and there are specialists who’ll help you at no great cost per high quality lead.
    • Consider using filters like ‘postcodes within an x-mile radius’, income brackets, purchasing history (golf mags, holidays, equipment, lessons etc), leisure activities.

Then work out what you can offer your targets that will attract them along to your club.

    • Be realistic here – ask around, get feedback and make sure that what you might think is a good offer will be to other people!
    • Consider perhaps a free 15-minute putting / chipping / bunker clinic from your club’s professional. Then a complimentary coffee in the bar. Give them a reason to spend a relaxing, informative couple of hours at your club… where they get ‘something for nothing’.
    • Once you’ve attracted your targets with the initial ‘lure’, much of the battle is over. If your club is any good, the people friendly and the membership package right, it will sell itself.

Our role…

As your digital marketing support, we could:

    • create a design theme, then ‘brand’ your campaign coherently across every medium we use to communicate with your potential members
    • send everyone a card, personalised with their name and a relevant image (e.g. male/female golfer). This will tempt them with advance notice of your attractive offer and direct them to a website we’ve created uniquely for them
    • this page is their personal URL (their name will even feature in the address) where they can gain access to your offer
    • we can also fill this personalised web page (pURL) with all manner of relevant and interesting links, based on what we know about the individual. Shopping offers, free online instructional golf videos, weather information, reviews of golf clubs and gadgets etc. Everything we can do to ensure that they’ll enjoy and benefit from their visits
    • we’d invite them to complete a very brief questionnaire that will provide you with more personal info for your database (including email and mobile phone number) prior to them registering online for their ‘freebie’
    • send a personal acknowledgement via email and SMS, ‘looking forward to seeing them on Sunday’ or whatever.

This approach – similar to that used in a recent golf club campaign that we researched to confirm likely responses – told us that 11% visited their pURLs, and 10% completed the survey. These figures are fantastic, but it’s not rocket science – just get your cross-media marketing basics right and you simply shouldn’t go wrong.

However, be warned: you won’t be able to sell a rubbish product for long no matter how sophisticated your cross media campaign! So don’t overlook the obvious: make sure that your golf club’s looking and behaving at it’s best and will actually impress the prospects who turn up to experience its delights. Because you seldom get a second chance these days.

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