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A few interesting B2B Social Media Statistics

Posted on 05 Jan 2012 in Social Media Marketing | 0 comments

  • B2B companies that Blog generate 67% more leads per month than those who do not.   
    (Source: Hubspot)
  • 41% of B2B companies are acquiring customers through Facebook.
    (Source: Hubspot)
  • 43% of all online consumers are Social Media fans or followers.  
    (Source: Hubspot)
  • 80% of LinkedIn members influence business decisions at their company.
    (Source: Traffic Flow)
  • 57% of companies with a corporate Blog have acquired a customer through blogging.
    (Source: Hubspot)
  • 34% of marketers have generated leads using Twitter.  
    (Source: All Twitter)
  • 80% of US companies use social media for recruitment.  
    (Source: Jobvite)
  • 50% of the mobile Internet traffic in the UK is for Facebook.
    (Source: The Gaurdian)
  • 33% of B2B companies have gained a customer from using Twitter.
    (Source: Twitter)
  • 69% of B2B marketers are shifting their budgets toward social media.
    (Source: MarketingSherpa)
  • Social media helps B2B marketers improve search results.
    (Source: Google)
  • 56% of consumers said they are more likely to recommend a brand to a friend after becoming a fan on Facebook.
    (Source: Mashable)

Clearly, social media is big, it’s still getting bigger and its not going to disappear anytime soon.

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